Designed with you in mind...

Payroll Upload Feature

eZconduit now offers the user the ability to upload a spreadsheet into the system for clients whose members have their contributions taken out of their payroll. Now, you don’t have to enter all of the information manually to get it into the system. Your human resources department can provide you with a spreadsheet (CSV) and you can upload the information, updating contributions for your members. It’s done in three easy steps.

Compliant with GAB Requirements

Again, eZconduit was designed with the conduit administrator in mind. That is why all the necessary data for the reports required to be filed with the Government Accountability Board has been included in the system. Rather than entering the data twice, once in your in-house tracking system and once into the GAB system, you can download the data in a CSV file to be uploaded directly into the CFIS database.

Automatic Functions

eZconduit has several functions that have been automated to make the process of disbursing funds as easy as possible. Once you determine the goal amount to be disbursed, a list of members will be made available. At the click of a button, you can add them as a target for the disbursement and the goal amount to get permission to release. You can also send them an email to get that permission right from the same screen. All the information needed to include in the email is automatically provided.


Financial Tracking

eZconduit keeps track of all of your members balances. In one view, you can see all of the individual member’s donations into the conduit, any disbursements made to campaign committees and a current balance. Additionally, in one view, you can see any disbursements made to a candidate committee and with a click of a button, see the members who contributed to that donation and how much they contributed. Lastly, eZconduit keeps track of the expenses paid out on behalf of the conduit by the sponsoring organization.

User Friendly

The eZconduit system was designed with the conduit administrator in mind. It separates the donations into the conduit, disbursements out of the conduit and expenses for the sponsoring organization into separate data, but data that is all integrated to provide you with the information you need at your fingertips. For example, at the click of a button, you can see what members contributed to a conduit contribution to a candidate.


Quick Glance Information

The dashboard provides you with global information at a quick glance. You can see information on any pending disbursements for the conduit, including funds requested from members, funds already approved and the total goal you are trying to get sign-off for. You will also see the specifics of the pending disbursement including the amount signed off on and the amount still needed. There is also global data for the conduit as whole.